Harry Potter and the 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day One

If you’re here, you likely know about Harry Potter and the 30 Day Writing Challenge and if you don’t, you can click right here and read the entire list in all its glory. Today, I’ll be sharing how I got into Harry Potter in the first place. start
‘Twas the summer before I began middle school and I was a fairly lonely kid. Despite having lived in the same place my entire life, I was about to enter a world where I was the “new kid”. For reasons that I never quite figured out, my parents had chosen to send me out of my assigned district for K-5. Students from the elementary school I attended  went to one middle school and students from the elementary school where I should have gone went to another. I was in the district for the latter. So as prepared to begin what would arguably be the most difficult stretch of my childhood, I felt very much like an outsider.
One night, I was sitting at the piano in my grandmother’s house, after a family dinner when my dad handed me a book he had picked up at the store. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I had heard of Harry Potter, but knew very little about it. I had always preferred novels with female protagonists and my snobby ass felt like I was a bit too sophisticated to be reading a kids series about magic.
But I appreciated the gesture and decided to give it a shot. I propped it up on the piano and began to read.
When I was eleven, I had probably never heard the word enraptured but boy, did I feel it. I pulled an all-nighter and finished the book in one fell swoop. About a third of the way into it, I’d realized that it was not the first book in the series, so once I had finished, I began bugging my parents to hook me up with a copy of Sorcerer’s Stone. And by the time I had finished that and re read Chamber (this time with more clarity), Prisoner of Azkaban was about to be released in the US.
Processed with VSCO with j5 presetHowever much I liked Harry Potter before I read Prisoner of Azkaban, it absolutely paled in comparison to how I felt about it after having read it. I’ll save my ravings for the next post, but just be forewarned. I have feelings about POA.
From then on, I consumed any and all Potter-related content that I happened across and 20 years later, I am still doing so, with a rigor that borders on obsession. Sometimes, I wonder how successful I could be if there were a way for me to channel all of the energy I pour into loving this series into something, y’know…productive and/or profitable. If only, right?
Anywho, that’s my Harry Potter origin story. What’s yours?

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